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corfu butterfly conservation Σχετικά με Συζήτηση Οι Πεταλούδες Εγγραφή Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας Συνδεθείτε Greek
Σχετικά με Συζήτηση Οι Πεταλούδες Εγγραφή Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μαςΣυνδεθείτεGreek

Corfu’s butterflies

Species list:

    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    •   Tribe:
    • Subfamily:
    • Subfamily:
    • Inky Skipper
      Erynnis marloyi
    • Orbed Red-underwing Skipper
      Spialia orbifer
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    •   Tribe:
    • Mountain Small White
      Artogeia ergane
    • Southern Small White
      Artogeia mannii
    • Krueper's Small White
      Artogeia krueperi
    • Bath White
      Pontia daplidice
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Eastern Pale Clouded Yellow
      Colias erate
    •   Tribe:
    • Subfamily:
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    •   Tribe:
    •   Tribe:
    • Southern Gatekeeper
      Pyronia cecilia
    • Oriental Meadow Brown
      Hyponephele lupine
    •   Tribe:
    •   Tribe:
    • Woodland Grayling
      Hipparchia fagi
    • Tree Grayling
      Neohipparchia statilinus
    • Great Banded Grayling
      Kanetisa circe
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Peacock
      Inachis io
    • Small Tortoiseshell
      Aglais urticae
    • Comma
      Polygonia c-album
    • Red Admiral
      Vanessa atalanta
    •   Tribe:
    • Knapweed Fritillary
      Melitaea phoebe
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Purple-shot Copper
      Lycaena alciphron
    • Lesser Fiery Copper
      Lycaena thersamon
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Grass Jewel
      Chilades trochylus
    • Mazarine Blue
      Cyaniris semiargus semiargus
    • Silver-studded Blue
      Plebejus argus
    • Chapman's Blue
      Polyommatus thersites
    • Little Tiger Blue
      Tarucus balkanicus
    • Subfamily:
    •   Tribe:
    • Sloe Hairstreak
      Satyrium acacia
    •   Tribe: